Monday, January 26, 2009

Kim Denmark and Me

Monday, January 26th, 2009: The first Monday that me and my husband spent together in a long time... and we are glad that our paths crossed with a lady that has spoken to us about a cause and purpose so close to her heart, that she had to put her feet to work!

Along the west-bound side of Highway 58, we see a woman in 'convict orange' carrying an American Flag, wearing a sandwich board that reads, 'Kim is walking across America".
After several U-turns down the highway, we finally caught up to Kim. We were driving our new '99 model Landrover, as we went 'off road' to talk to this lady dressed in a
blazing orange suit. "Kim, why are you walking across America?" I had never known how many wonderful answers could come from such simple questions, until I spoke with Kim.

In case you were like me, and have been without television, internet, and print media for six months because you live in the backwoods of the country, and the cable people laugh at you when you call them to try to get an install... You have no reason to not have heard of this lady.

Kim talked to us for a few minutes on the side of the road about what she was doing, how long she has been doing it, and that she has 23 days left to walk to Washington, D.C. Kim Denmark was once a successful business owner, she was an independent black woman, living on top of the world, when it imploded and sent her crashing down into financial difficulty and hard times due to a health condition. Kim was literally dying when she reached out in prayer and asked for a miracle. She got one. She is here, walking, talking, and spreading a light that shines from her heart so brilliantly, that no one will be touched by darkness, if they give her an opportunity to share her words.

Eighty two (yes 82) months, Kim has walked these United States. Sixteen states in all, until she gets to D.C. Her cause: the homeless in America. America, where no one should be hungry, without shelter, without clothing, without the basic things that most take for granted or neglect everyday.

She walks for awareness to her cause and she speaks about it with the eloquence of an Oxford Scholar. Homeless has no face, she said. You can be a CEO of a multi-million dollar company one day, with cars, boats, a hot tub on your deck... and the next you may be literally broke, looking for a place to sleep, a way to feed your family... and it all can happen within the blink of an eye.

I am on my way to further discuss the journey on which this brave woman has embarked. And most certainly I will be posting again about the wonderful things that one can learn when they only take the time to ask.

If you have not heard about Kim, please visit her website at

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why did I do this?

Three years of not getting paid to do one of the hardest, most stressful jobs I think I have had. I used to get laughed at in school and wanted them to stop, now that I want them to laugh at me, it's like pulling teeth.

This is the blog "Comedy 301". The name was chosen simply because I am a single comedian in her third year of doing comedy and have gotten zero recognition. Hence 3-0-1.